To me or not to me

by Ashtyn Renee

  Bicker bicker, slam, bang, argue, agree, disagree, take sides, arm yourself … Civilized people consider themselves above such behavior. Christians recognize this as unchristian behavior. Recognize, certainly, but staying above it, not so certain. One area that seems particularly prone to such activity revolves around the subject of salvation. …

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Mastering spiritual geography

Location, location, location   Where were you born? Most people would respond by stating the location where they were born. That could be a country, a city, or a geographic area. In the United States, you may say you were born in the North or the South, East or West. …

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Where the rubber meets the road

Personal shoes by Jean Fan

 You are on a journey   What I believe statements abound, as well as debates and theological discussions. You can say all you want about the many varying thoughts and proclaimed truths. Nevertheless, life happens to us all. Life is the place where the rubber meets the road. What happens …

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