A ubiquitous name


Ubiquitous: existing or being everywhere,

especially at the same time; omnipresent.



Reflections on the name that is truly omnipresent. 

In an article The Terrible, Traumatic, and Intolerable Name of Jesus Christ – Stephen H. Webb cites the following: 

The earliest Christians used the name of Jesus Christ to cast out demons, but today atheists use it to cast religion out of the public square…

Some secularists have come around to tolerating the occasional public benediction or blessing, as long as it is generically addressed, but many still draw the line at the concluding phrase of a Christian prayer that typically begins, “In the name of…”  It is almost as if secularists instinctively realize that hearing is believing. They just don’t want to take that risk.i


Let me count the ways


There are many old and new combinations of words interspersing the name of Jesus Christ.  Words that would give this post an R rating. 

Are they creative, doubtful.  Are they inspired, almost certainly. 

Why is there such antagonism against the name?  Why do you never hear such combinations of profanity with the names of Mohammad, Buddha, Allah, Joseph Smith, or one of the new age goddesses?

Why do people swear using the name of Jesus Christ?

Why, because there is power in that name and knowingly or unknowingly they are invoking its power.  They invoke it for blessing or for cursing.  Nonetheless, it is proof of its power.

The use of that name in cursing also exposes the strategies of Satan aimed against the one true God and His son!

And there is salvation in and through no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by and in which we must be saved.ii

As that name becomes so familiar, even profane, he hopes it will lose its power.  We are all probably familiar with the statement familiarity breeds contempt.  Satan is counting on it!

An interesting note
Satan’s name, and the names of his demonic host, are not used as swear words.  He and his hosts are virtually nonexistent in most people’s minds, including believers. 
To the unbelieving world, they remain hidden, disguised in cute costume. 
However, among those who are to hold, proclaim, and testify to the reality of the eternal God and His adversary is it any different?  I ask you, how has Satan, his hosts, and his nefarious work to kill, steal and destroy been hidden from their spiritual sight?
On a personal and corporate level, believers really need to ask and answer that very question.  Our lives, personally and as a church may depend upon it.
What is in the name
Remember it is a ubiquitous name.  It indeed exists and is everywhere at the same time and throughout all time.  The name of Jesus Christ is indeed omnipresent.
That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in the earth, and things under the earth;iii
Perhaps the next time we hear someone using that most powerful name we need to ask him or her to stop for a moment and think.  Stop and think about the fact that they have just invoked the most powerful name under heaven.  Ask them if they are sure they really want to be face to face with the Lord of the universe with such words on their lips.
It is indeed a ubiquitous name – selah!


[i] On the Square March 9, 2009

[ii] Acts 4:12 Amp

[iii] Phil 2:10

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