Battlefield basics


Soldier the heat of battle is not the time to question your orders!


We walk by faith and not by sight. By faith, we commit our way to the Lord and He directs our stepsHe leads us in His way and directs us into often-unknown paths. Have you not found yourself in places you did not foresee or plan?

God does not call be equipped; He equips the called!  We tend to look for the equipping to fulfill the call.  Thankfully, as we set our hearts to obey, our loving Father equips us and moves us in the path He plans.

As you look back, you recognize His guidance.  You see the prayers for direction and the decisive moments that brought you to this place.  This is both comforting and exciting.  Left to yourself, you may never have felt adequate for the task.  This is the positive side of the equation.


Entering the battlefield


Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.i

Battlefield, war, what are you talking about?  If God has directed my path, why will there be a war?

Your presence at the place of His will brings kingdom authority.  Only the church can exercise kingdom authority.  The church consists of two or more believers. He joins you together with other believers to exercise that authority.

Kingdom authority will ultimately bring the end of Satan’s kingdom and usher in the kingdom of Christ.  Satan opposes everything and advances his demise.


How will he work to remove you?  In the heat of the battle questions will arise in your mind:

    • Did God really lead me here?
    • Am I in His will?
    • Doubt will infuse your mind and try to supplant your faith.  At times, the storms will rage and even increase before they abate.


This is a time to remember battlefield basics.  Do not question your orders!  It is time to stand in faith.  After the rage of the battle, you can return to the Lord if you still feel the need to, and re-establish or change direction.  Most times, when the battle stills, you will recognize it was just the war.

God uses the war to purify you. The heat of battle burns out those areas of instability, unbelief, and other impediments of the flesh.  With each battle, purification goes deeper and you come out standing stronger, if you stand!


Battlefield basics 

Stand therefore, by not questioning your orders

in the heat of the battle. ii

i Ephesians 6:13

ii Ibid 6:14

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