Because He lives



Who now will govern the heavens? 

The words of a popular song refrain state because He lives I can face tomorrow.  As true as this is, it is still an earthly view of a vastly greater spiritual occurrence. 

Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended to His heavenly Father.  The mighty resurrection power that raised Him from the dead seated Him in heavenly places. 

What does this mean for those who are born again through His resurrection life?

The usurper assumed the government of the heavens after the fall. 

The early church knew with unshakeable certainty that Jesus ascended.  They knew their King sat on the throne.  His government was now to rule the heavens.

Satan knows the power of the resurrection.  He recognizes the authority that the church holds.  He continually sows seeds of doubt, eroding the confidence of God’s people.


Jesus Christ is head.  The church as His body
is to rule and govern from the heavens. 
It is here where our conflict lies!

We as the church need to move out in prayer.  We must come beyond prayer for the meeting of needs.  God wants to reveal the nature and working of things in the unseen realm.

God wants to reveal the key.  Unanswered prayer is often the Lord’s way to bring us into spiritual increase.  He wants us to come into greater knowledge.  He wants us to uncover what is behind the situations for which we are praying.  It is then that our prayers will be targeted and have greater impact.

Jesus delegated His authority to the church.  We tend to think that it requires large numbers praying to affect change.  That is not necessarily true.  The church has the authority and the smallest nucleus of the church is two!

Consider this by T. Austin Sparks:

Well, then, the supreme thing the New Testament shows is that the Church on its true, spiritual basis corresponds to Christ risen.  Not “the Church” that we know here on earth, for it does not.  But God’s thought about the Church is not an impossible and merely idealistic one.  It is a practical thing.

Two saints, simple, humble and unimportant in this world, but really meeting together in the Spirit, can be a functioning instrument of Him to whom has been committed all authority in heaven and on earth.

With them all these old limitations can be dismissed and they can at one moment touch all the ends of the earth.  Do you believe that?  That is really the meaning of our glorying in Christ risen.i


There is a difference between praying for things on this earth and praying against the immense forces of the universe. 

We need to bring the things of heaven through to the earth.  To do this, we need to come into heavenly places in prayer.  From that place alone can we release the mighty, eternal things of God to impact the earth. 

It is not impossible.  It does not require a large movement.  A company of two or three or more can have an impact.  We only need to grasp the significance of the risen Christ! 

In the Spirit, joined together in prayer, we can make all the difference in the heavens and on the earth — 

Because He lives!


i  T. Austin-Sparks, from “Four Greatnesses of Divine Revelation” (Chapter 6) emphasis added.

Photo by David Castillo

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