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Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


As in the natural, so too in the spiritual.  You must choose your weapons.  You must also resistance train.  It is vital to building spiritual muscle. 

Just about the time Clara starts to feel confident, a series of events thunder down like an avalanche.

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.i

The women’s ministry has planned a glorious event.  Clara looked forward to being a part of it from beginning to end.  The local newspaper would spotlight the event because of its impact on the community.  The whole town was buzzing with excitement and expectation. 

The committee, of which she is a part, had been such a joy due to the team spirit.  Now however, the atmosphere has changed.  Clara hears bickering, backbiting and gossip.  It was never like this before and she is perplexed. 

Perhaps it is time, she thinks, to exercise her newly learned authority in a corporate setting.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Clara takes authority over the demons affecting the atmosphere.  She names them based on their nature, division, strive, control and the like.  She declares the Lord’s authority in this place.  When she senses a release in her spirit, she stops.

Gradually the atmosphere changes.  The contention is gone and a spirit of cooperation takes its place.  Those who formerly backed away because of the strife have now come to help.  Seeing the results convinces Clara of the importance of authoritative prayer.



Clara, why did you do this that way?  Clara, what were you thinking?  Clara, aren’t you suppose to take care of these things?  Clara, I thought you were above being upset at little things, why are you so touchy?  

The explosive accusations strike like well-timed grenades in the formerly peaceful landscape of her mind. 

It seems like she can’t do anything right.  Clara finds she is questioning just about every move she makes.  Her mind is the hardest taskmaster.  It has her playing offense and defense against herself!

She complained, murmured, and argued for days.  She was getting tired of hearing herself complain!  She wondered what was wrong with her.  Did she need deliverance from herself?

Finally the Holy Spirit spoke to her.  “I am using others to teach you not to judge yourself.”

With emotion matching the intensity of her complaining, she threw up her hands and said, “I’ll learn, I’ll learn!”

 Soul Power

Clara’s next lessons involve judgment, soul power, and the demons that access these to their advantage.

Clara is assigned leadership is over a series of prayer meetings.  One woman, given to rather dramatic forms of prayer against the enemy, sits front and center.  Clara is aware of some people’s disagreement with her rather extreme style.  However, freedom to learn and practice is part of the purpose of the meetings.

Shortly after one of the meetings began, Clara felt increasing mental pressure.  As it intensified, she looked around the room.  Everything appeared normal.  Everyone appeared calm. Nevertheless, the pressure was alarming.  It puzzled her. 

Early the next morning, Clara awoke to the sound of a ringing phone.  Answering, she tried to clear her mind to understand the ranting of the woman on the other end. 

The woman was expressing how upset she was the night before.  She felt the woman with the extreme style usurped Clara’s authority.  She could not wait to call Clara and rebuke her.

After hanging up, all Clara could see was that the caller was doing the very same thing!  She was placing herself over Clara and usurping Clara’s authority through her presumption and judgment. 

Clara was experiencing, first hand, the effect of soul power.  She realized the pressure she was feeling the night before was just that. 

The upset woman, knowingly or unknowingly, was directing her soul (mind, will, and emotions) at Clara.  Soul power is a form of witchcraft.  It also affords demons access to individuals and groups.


Human doorways

Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.  But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satanii

Clara wondered at such a strange turn of events in the Gospels. Peter was one of the twelve apostles, how could Jesus speak to him as though he were Satan?

She began to consider the possibility of the human doorways to the demonic. She had experienced situations where the actual events did not match the overwhelming affect it had on her.

One was at a time when Clara was helping a friend in depression. She cared and wanted to help, but after a while it felt like she was drowning.

She sought counsel from someone known for wisdom and discernment. She was told to be aware that there was a very, very strong demonic presence coming through (not from) this individual. The counselor cautioned her not to try to confront it.

It is interesting that after that word, the individual stopped looking to Clara for help.


Clara’s next training exercises will be in the field!


This is part 19 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

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[i] James 3:16

[ii] Matt 16:22-23

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