Directive five – Part 1


BOO!     O p e n  –  y o u r – e y e s  i


Be aware of the dark Kingdom — stay awake


Do you know what the dark kingdom is conspiring?  Are you aware of its reality, strength, and insidious plans?

    • Conspiracy – more than a Hollywood production.
    • Open your mind — be ready for paradigm shifts.
    • Does the media tell the truth, the whole truth?
    • What are they not telling you?


Conspiracy theories

If you hear conspiracy, do  you think theory?  Most people doA theory assumes there is not a shred of evidence.  If small bits of evidence can be applied, theory must truthfully be changed to possibility.  As evidence mounts, possibility changes to probability.


Once the label is conspiracy, our paradigms stop us. History has shown how much public information has been altered.
  • Consider:  the JFK assassination, JFK Jr.’s plane crash, the Oklahoma City bombing, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11, to name a few.
  • Consider Vietnam.  Our military fails to defeat tiny Vietnam?


Carefully consider important information you receive.  Failure could block prayer directives.


You are not about to enter the Twilight Zone, you are about to be challenged.  We currently live in a world where . . .


Reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king ii

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i Photo: “The secret by the Italian voice”
ii Monteith, Stanley Dr.


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