Directive five – Part 4

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Psychic or prophetic-distinguishing the path!


Be aware of the dark Kingdom — stay awake


Do you know what the dark kingdom is conspiring?  Are you aware of its reality, strength, and insidious plans?

    • Conspiracy – more than a Hollywood production.
    • Open your mind — be ready for paradigm shifts.
    • Psychic activity — beyond readers and street fairs.
    • Do not be deceived — the occult is not ‘cute and harmless’.


Mission: bewitch.  Means – any possible.  Spiritual and psychic media is everywhere.  Magazines, books, and movies reference spirit guides, mind control, witchcraft.  The barrage desensitizes us to its dangers.  The goal, accepting demonic activity as normal.


The new age

Many are seeking spiritual experience and purpose in life.  They become involved in spiritualism, witchcraft etc.  The road leads to contact with demons in disguise.

In the post entitled Magicians and Prophets the difference between spiritual and psychic is discussed.  There are parallels in new age teachings that can be confusing.  Below is a description from one book, which I use to highlight the similarities and the differences.


The similarities . . . From the book Diary of a Psychic: Shattering the Myths:4

  • Spirit guides demand ethics, discipline, and unquestioning obedience.
  • Lower entities ‘riffraff’ will seek to flatter and entice.
  • Emotions, out of control, block perception in the spirit realm.
  • Gifts are to serve the spirit guides and God, never the ego.


Can you see the parallels?

  • Following the Holy Spirit requires integrity, discipline, and obedience.
  • Your focus is to be away from self. 
  • Your emotions need to be maintained in peace.
  • Your gifts serve God, not yourself.


The differences . . . also from the book Diary of a Psychic: Shattering the Myths:

  • The psychic is about understanding the soul, comes through the emotional system, and uses up water.
  • If not prepared and on time lower entities will take over.
  • Everyone has 33 guides working with them at any one time.
  • Psychics have a terrible time managing their body and emotions.  Channeling the pain of the world overtaxes their nerve endings.
  • The individual is merely a channel for the spirit guides.
  • The job, assist others on the spiritual journey.  Help people find their way back to their soul.


The spiritual man

  • One governed by the Holy Spirit through his spirit, not his soul. 
  • Not many guides, only one, the Holy Spirit.
  • Not channeling the pain of the world, Jesus Christ himself bore the sin of the world.
  • The job – help people find their way back to God, not to their soul.


Is the difference between the psychic and the prophetic getting clearer?

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1 Photo: Psychic Readings from moneydick
2 Photo: “remote viewing bookshelf by daz smith”
3 Photo: “Mentalist George Newmann by Psychology Pictures”
4 Choquette, Sonia Diary of a Psychic Shattering the Myths (Carlsbad, Ca: Hay House, Inc., 2003)

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