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Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


Fictitious Fearful Franny has a problem, but she may not know it.  She loves the Lord and wants more of God.  In that pursuit, she has chosen this elective of discipline, and has arrived at the entrance to The Great Room.

Fearful Franny lives in a world of contradiction, fear, and torment. 

Fear rules in Franny’s life.  It often goes to extremes.  For example, she read in a Christian magazine about a man who pleaded with God for more love.  Later, he lost his only daughter to sudden death.  He recounted how through this tragedy God’s love was released into his heart. 

The story was good, but it gripped Franny with fear.  Now she finds she is afraid to pray for love, fearing what may happen.  Reason says that God may not choose to allow this, yet she cannot dispel the fear.   

Years ago, Franny was in a severe automobile accident.  Though she is fine now, there are still times of panic while being a passenger.  This increases the need to be the driver.  She is now driven to be the driver! 

Franny is locked in a world of contradictions.  She enjoys being alone, but is often lonely.  She knows it is important to be with people.  Yet she is extremely contained because she is afraid to let herself be known.

Franny gets frustrated by standing in the background, and yet strongly resists anyone who tries to bring her to the forefront. 

Franny realizes that many of her thoughts are connected with fear.  She has been through inner healing and completed a deliverance weekend.  She has read many books, heard many tapes, taken courses, and worked and prayed with deliverance teams. 

Nevertheless, she is still fighting a spirit of fear.


Franny enters  The Great Room

As Franny’s preparation for The Great Room, she sought God for the area of discipline that He required of her. 

Fear has a huge presence in Franny’s life and it is guarded by control! 

Franny’s instruction is to confront her fears by walking right into them.  No excuses accepted!  Franny can walk out of this fear, but it will require steely determination and work. 

God wants her to surrender the control she holds over herself.

Franny’s dilemma is a vivid example of the flip sides of the same coin, fear and control.  Franny is controlled by fear.  Because of this, she attempts to control everything around her.  She is not overtly trying to control people.  She is trying to control situations around her for her protection.

Franny has developed patterns to protect herself and her friends. 

Demonic strongholds get woven into our lives by wrong beliefs and thoughts.  We believe lies about God and ourselves.  Demons are experts at convincing us it is all our own thinking and belief.  They then establish themselves in the fortress of our self-protection. 

Franny has developed patterns to avoid having to confront her fears. 

She has developed the inability to hear God.  When she knows God’s will, she is resolute on obeying no matter what the cost.  Her askew thinking is that if she does not hear, she will not have to obey.  Therefore, she chooses not to ask! 

God is intensifying Franny’s fear and frustration.  It is because of the increased intensity she has chosen this elective on discipline.

Will Franny walk the course with each issue that must be confronted, choose an exit door, or look for a way around?  Deeper than that, will Franny listen and obey the Holy Spirit’s instruction, or will her control take over?

God’s way – the cross 

Everyone’s journey through the Great Room takes them through the cross.  One aspect of the cross includes what God allows in His sovereignty to come into our lives. 

We must begin to recognize that the experiences, troubles, and trials that the Lord sends us are for our highest good.  The Lord wants to break the outer man in order that the spirit may be released. 

Failing this, we have mixture.  That is, when and if our spirit comes forth, it
will be clothed with our soul. 

We can avoid the cross in our lives.  Through our own resourcefulness and will we can avoid much, or at least some of the conflicts, confrontations, and other problems.  What that produces is a life without wealth.  When we cooperate with the plans and purposes of God, He produces His desired result in us.

Just ahead Clara goes from power dressing to camouflage in one not-so-easy-step!

This is part 11 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

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