For heaven’s sake — pull the trigger



Talk …Talk …Talk  . . .

Talk about the power in the Name, but don’t use it!

Talk about your authority over demons, but don’t exercise it!

Talk about your God given weapons, but don’t shoot! 


Are you trying to talk the enemy down?


Talk is cheap and the enemy loves to hear us engage in it, as long as we do nothing more than talk.  In fact, he will hold conversations with us for hours on end. 

Although this may sound simplistic, it is a trap both young and old believers can fall into. 

You fail to shoot —You call for prayer, you talk and explain, but end without praying in the power of agreement.  Message delivered, but no weapon engaged!

 You fail to shoot — Reasoning assaults your mind, evolving mental talk.  You end up wrestling thoughts instead of exercising authority!

You fail to shoot — Worry and fear revolve around you, distracting you away from taking the shot!

You fail to shoot — Passivity runs its fingers through your mind “it will be OK, just wait,” again no shot!


Unknot your gun!


Resolve to be watchful.

 Exercise the authority God has given to you.

 For heaven’s sake —

Pull the trigger!



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