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SSHHH!!!  Enter the room spirit first – mouth second.

First impressions do count!  Wait, listen, and watch.


What affects atmosphere ?

The atmosphere was charged!  When she entered the room, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Have you ever heard people express these things?   You may think it is people’s  moods, but is that the whole picture?


Atmospheres can be spiritual.

The presence of God filling a room is sweet!  An atmosphere filled with control and you draw back.  Think about the atmospheres around you.  What do you bring into a room?  That you can control!

Given right of way, demons will control.  Just before a meeting I was conducting, I had a colorful encounter.  I heard a voice.  I questioned myself. Did I really hear that?  Then it gave a repeat performance.


“I am in charge in this house!” 

Now I was sure I hadn’t imagined that voice in the spirit.


It was a showdown at the OK Corral.  After a little exercise of authority, I settled the matter.  Why was it there?  The owners of the home had an impression of death come over them a few days before.  Thinking this was God, they cancelled the intercession for the church.  That spirit gained authority through deception.

On another occasion a strong emotion caught me off guard.  I was entering a home where I was leading a Bible study.  As I put my hand to the doorknob, I felt like running!  Wait just a minute I thought.  I am the leader of this group.  I called a friend for help.  A  phone call for discernment and prayer ousted a spirit of witchcraft.

What happened, what was the cause? Someone was praying against me.  Church leadership warned the owners of the home where I was teaching.  They warned them of the destruction that followed this individualThey chose to remain closely associated with her.

Obviously, there was strong occult power.  She ultimately succeeded in breaking up that long-running bible study.


It is important to pay attention to first impressions and atmospheres.



Graphic: “Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept by Lumaxart”

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