Mastering spiritual geography

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Location, location, location


Where were you born? Most people would respond by stating the location where they were born. That could be a country, a city, or a geographic area. In the United States, you may say you were born in the North or the South, East or West.

This location can also designate a culture into which you were born. The family, culture, and location all affect us in varying ways as we develop.

Believers are born again into the spiritual realm. This new birth experience takes your family, culture and location to a completely different level. It takes you into an entirely different realm!

Now, in this present time, believers are both in heavenly places with Christ Jesus and with Him in these flesh bodies on earth. Yes, we exist in two places during the same moment in time.

Consider this word from T. Austin Sparks:

Christ, the fullness of spiritual blessing now, the Sphere of our experience, our exploring, our enjoyment, our satisfaction. That is heavenly union with the Lord Jesus. Anybody who is in that is in heaven. You have not to define and explain to such people what it means to be in the heavenlies in Christ. They know of what you are speaking.

Spiritual geography is understood by those who walk up and down in Him and enjoy His fullness.[i]

Christ is the fullness of spiritual blessing now, the sphere of our experience, our exploring, our enjoyment, our satisfaction. We have access to all these things now if we will but enter in and access them by faith.

Daily we should walk up and down in Him. We should come before the Throne of Grace and present our need. It is then that we appropriate by faith the fullness of Christ to meet that need.

Sadly, it is possible to spy out this heavenly land and leave empty handed. We can go up to the throne and yet fail to take hold of what we need. Here stands the choice of faith or unbelief.

The spies of old did not believe God could cause them to possess the land. They only saw the problem, and the size of the enemy. Nevertheless, they did not return empty handed. Unfortunately, they returned with handfuls of doubt and unbelief.

We need to take hold of what we need by faith. Having done this, we must then stand our ground. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.[ii]

We receive by faith. We take the substance of Christ as our evidence. We hold onto His promised provision to take us up, over, or through, whatever we need. Then having done all stand. We must stand our ground in and of faith. That is part of our spiritual warfare.[iii] It is also part of the good fight of faith.

Jesus Christ has done all on our behalf. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.[iv] We must take hold of this truth in the face of all opposition, all doubt and unbelief.

Take a walk up and down in Christ and access His full blessing. Present to God what His Word says. It says that Christ is the fullness of God for you! Now present your need, a spiritual need. By faith, take Christ to meet that need, so that He is glorified in you.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.[v]

Mastering spiritual geography is the most important geography to master. Let us press forward in learning what it fully means to be sitting in heavenly places in Christ!


Consider – An open heaven


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