Open the door to the kingdom


The kingdom of God is the place of God’s rule.  The kingdom of God includes the entire reign of God from eternity past to eternity future. 


The kingdom of the heavens is a smaller sphere within the kingdom of God; it is the heavenly ruling among believers in the present church age i and a reward in the coming kingdom age.ii

Believers walking under the Lordship of Jesus Christ walk under the rule of the kingdom of the heavens.  God gives authority to believers and to His church. 


God’s provision is in the heavenly realm.  We receive the things of the heavenly realm by faith.  Reaching out in faith is not believing for something that does not exist, but rather receiving something that God has already made available in the spiritual realm and bringing it into the natural realm.

Beyond the promises of God for forgiveness, healing, provision, strength and other personal needs, there are things that God wants brought into the earth.

 Thy kingdom come thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.


In many ways and situations God’s kingdom will need to be brought into the natural realm and believers are the vessels.  Jesus delegated His authority to His church and we are to exercise that authority.

We access the resources of the kingdom by faith.  We release them into the earth through prayer and declaration. Angels, responding to the Word of God, are sent forth.  We are to also to exercise authority against the enemy and stand as a resistance force against their onslaught.


Two keys of access:


Absolute obedience is essential for accessing the kingdom.  The obedience I refer to is beyond the obvious need to obey God.  It refers more to an obedient willingness to follow His leading.  This is obedience willing to follow, even though you do not understand where He may be leading or why. 

Why is this required?  Because God has to bring us into situations and places, both in the natural and in the spirit, where we can see the need, know what He desires to have released.  If we insist on understanding before we obey, we render ourselves useless to God. 


Do you believe?  Faith is the second key.  This is what you need to ask yourself, it is the test question. Do you really believe?

I believe, I am a believer!  When this question presents itself that is my declaration.  It is all-inclusive, I believe His promises, I believe His character, I believe His kingdom provision, and I believe He can do far more than I can think or even imagine.  I believe!

It is time to venture out into the deeper things of God.  It is time to be vessels for the release of kingdom provision.It is time to —

Open the door to the kingdom!



[i] Matt 5:3,10

[ii] Matt 5:20; 7:21

[iii] Matt 6:10


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