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Are you blinded by the backside


Are you looking up to heaven trying to see if what you need will come down?  Or are you standing above, on location, watching the movie shoot of your life. Are you watching the events live, from heavens perspective, as the camera rolls?

As a believer, you are seated in heavenly places whether you realize it or not. You have every spiritual blessing in Christ. It does not matter how you feel or what you see with your natural sight.

What is your perspective? When you feel blocked or blinded, seemingly incapable of receiving, you may be in need of an adjustment. Those feelings may indicate the need for a perspective change!

Perhaps you have been trained incorrectly. You learned to expect things to look a certain way. For instance, if I am being blessed, it will look like this. If I am walking in the spirit, it will look like that. If I am living a life of victory, it will be visible for all to see. The list goes on and on when our perspective is from the natural realm.

Perhaps you have expressed your desire, even yearning, for some of these things:

I just want to live and walk in the Spirit.

I want God’s Presence with me.

I just want my needs met.

I desire more authority in prayer.

I want to live in victory.

The fact is that we already have these things and so much more in Christ! We need only to appropriate them by faith. Believe God’s Word and expect the manifestation of His life and power in and through you.

Problems come when we limit the manifestation of these blessings. That is to say, we set parameters as to the end result. For example, what constitutes victorious living? It may be different for different people.

Victorious living is Christ. He is the victor and He places His life within us. As we rest in faith on His ability, He will bring, and continues to bring us through to victory.

If we look at the life of others, we may be quick to say that they are not living in victory. Yet little do we know how many things they may be overcoming by God’s power in them.

In many such things, we can be locked into a preconceived picture. For instance, we want God’s presence. We can however miss the blessing if we expect to always feel or sense that presence.


Perspective, perspective, perspective


There are other areas, which are not quite as clear-cut. Many years ago, I had a perspective on the enemy that was defensive. I saw the enemy as coming against me. A friend patiently corrected me. He said, “You are coming against the enemy, he is not coming against you.” It is offensive not defensive! One day the revelation hit and I finally saw it. What a difference that shift made.

I have the life and authority of Jesus Christ within me. That life is a threat to the enemy. That life is the kingdom of God made manifest in this earth.   Corporately we will displace the forces of darkness. We are standing against the enemy, blocking his evil schemes. We are to resist, displace and push back this present darkness.

Perspectives often need to be adjusted. Recently I found myself feeling like I was living a yo-yo existence. It felt like I was up and then pushed down. I complained and resolved, all to no avail.

Because of my perspective, I was becoming increasingly frustrated. Continuing to see myself as a yo-yo would ultimately bring discouragement. The Holy Spirit just waited.

At just the right time, the Spirit reminded me that I was on the offensive team, not the defensive team. The right time was just before I was going to write this blog on perspective!  Armed with an adjusted perspective, I was empowered. I realized it was just part of the battle. Now I make a stand and cast down such thoughts and imaginations.

Another perspective shift came soon after. I was working on the blog Mastering Spiritual Geography. I started slipping into the trap of judging what it looks like to walk up and down in Christ. After all, how could I write of such things if I had not experienced this.

It was then that I realized I daily do just that in my times of prayer and fellowship. What joy that realization brought.  


Retraining camp


Being born of Adam, we are born as natural men. Being born of the Spirit constitutes us as spiritual men. That new birth brings with it natural faculties for seeing, hearing, and interacting with the spiritual realm.

The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We need to have a renewed mind on the nature of spiritual things. Many times in the bible people only understood what was prophesied after the manifestation came. Like Peter on the day of Pentecost when he said, “this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel.”

The Holy Spirit is the teacher and guide. He will align our perspective to spiritual reality when we submit ourselves to Him.

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