Prophetic words — God’s desired end



Prophetic words are signposts!


Have you ever received a personal prophetic word?  It is exciting to hear the declaration.  Perhaps it involves how God will use you in ministry, or the next steps you need to take to advance in Him.

Prophetic words declare Gods desired end.  Our cooperation determines the fulfillment of those words.  He will bring us through whatever is needed to prepare us for that final purpose, if we cooperate!

Prophetic words open the way before us. They release the power of God.  They also allow us to war a good warfare.

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare.i


Sometimes the word is the advance notice of a season or event.  Other times, the word is a pronouncement of something that is already in motion.  With the word, we recognize God’s hand at work.  The word becomes a confirmation and encouragement to continue. 

In fact, we may not recognize what is happening until the Lord sends a word.  Whatever the timing may be, we must allow God to bring us to the place of usefulness.

When God gives a word of declaration, it may involve more than we realize.  I am still walking out what was declared many years ago using four small words –“get ready to travel”.

Within a few weeks I would be on my first-ever airplane trip.  I would not only travel on one plane, but five planes in a three-day period! 

The airline was Delta, which means change.  I was on every size plane that Delta operated, including the very large plane used for overseas travel.


Prophetic words are signposts.  They describe what God is doing. Remember, although God speaks the word, fulfillment is not guaranteed.  There is a necessary RSVP, which you send as you yield to God’s process. 

Prophetic words announce God’s timing.


The question is, what will you do with this

window of opportunity?



Photo: Signposts by The Retronaut
i 1 Tim 1:18


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