Quiet before the storm


Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


Rules of engagement – In the heat of the battle, never question your orders!

The orders are precise.  Nevertheless, easier said than done Clara thinks, as she shifts uneasily from foot to foot.  

    Infiltrate the Vast Horizon

  Remain undercover

  Gather information

  Plant bombs with the uncertain

  Rescue the uninitiated

   Move to the next assignment before detection


The corps is camped on the outer perimeter of the Vast Horizon, set apart from the center of activity.  From their vantage point, it is like looking down on a metropolis from a descending airplane. 

Assess, define, plan, and infiltrate.  Each of these things will take time and wisdom from God. For now at least they feel safe, sheltered as they plan the
reconnaissance phase.

Morning after morning scouts go out and report back. Information is gathered and all seems to be proceeding as planned.  Nevertheless, Clara is unsettled.  To her it feels like the quiet before the storm.  

Something, or is it some thing, seems to be present.  Present and yet it is indefinable.  She wonders if it is just the long hours playing tricks on her mind.

Checking in with the others, Clara describes this nondescript sensing.  They too are aware of something playing at the back of their minds.  It is like a recording playing just above the audible level. 

Like Clara, they wonder if something is playing tricks with their minds due to their lack of sleep.  After some discussion, they decide it must just be due to their fatigue, and they dismiss it.  Tomorrow is another day and a good night’s sleep will certainly help 

Clara, however, can’t shake it off that easily.  “It must just be my own personal issues surfacing again.  When will I ever get over these things?” Clara groans.

“Perhaps we should look into this further.  Maybe we are dismissing it too lightly,” one of the team adds.

“No, no, no, you know how I hate it when I am the center of attention.  Just drop it,” states Clara.  Knowing that pursuing the issue will just compound the problem, she walks away… troubled.

In the days following, one after the other, issues begin to surface throughout the team.  Is it just old unresolved issues or is something else in the works here? 

Doubt begins to creep into Clara’s mind.  Is any of this real?  How will I know?  The thoughts are barely perceptible.  Yet at the same time they make their presence known, demanding her attention. 

Clara wonders and silently worries.  What if everyone is down at the same time, what will that mean?  Who will pull it together?  Will they all just walk away at once, or one at a time? 

Have they been through so much and learned so little?  They certainly do seem small compared to the enemy, but isn’t that just the fact of the matter? 

Maybe they just need to face those facts.  This has been an interesting course, but it has gotten carried away and now they are simply messed up in mind games.

With her head in her hands, Clara presses into God for revelation.  They have come so far, so many lessons learned, so many spiritual occurrences examined, tested and proved.  What is really happening here?  Are they again encountering their old familiar weaknesses? 

No!  Something is different!  Clara recognizes that doubt, which she has already overcome, is presenting itself to her mind.  Doubt and unbelief seem to stand there, somehow surrounding her thoughts. 

“It was different now,” Clara declares as she stands her ground.  The thoughts do not cause the pain that they did before.  She realizes that now it is just a presentation of doubt, pressing itself at her mind.  It is like someone standing too close to you, in your space.  She also realizes she now has a choice, she can accept it as hers or… or what? 

“Other than” the Holy Spirit speaks to her spirit. 

He is telling her that what she is experiencing is other than her person, her thoughts, and her former weaknesses.  Something from the outside is presenting itself as her thought.

The word the Holy Spirit speaks has power.  It dispels the presentation to her mind.  Excitedly, Clara realizes that she now has a new weapon for a new level of war!

As Clara shares the revelation with the team, they too are able to dispel the thoughts of the enemy.  What a relief it is that they do not have to look at themselves!  Now they can see the enemy and confront the darkness. 

Just as everything appears to settle, a strong wind picks up around their encampment.  It feels like it is sucking the air out of the atmosphere.  They are dropping!  What is happening?  Where are they going now?



Clara and company are beginning to see the differences in the warfare as they journeyed through the Great Room, the Stone Archway, and the Vast Horizon.

In The Great Room, much of the work and warfare involved Clara’s soul.  She was learning to walk by the intuition of her spirit and not the emotions or reasoning of her soul.  She had to confront her fears and her desire to control.  She also realized that she must stop allowing herself to be controlled.  The enemy’s work was to keep her from walking by the Spirit.  The warfare caused Clara to see many things that she needed to see in order to mature in Christ.

The Stone Archway was a training arena.  Clara learned what happened when
she looked within herself, instead of away to Jesus Christ, to see who she really is.  She quickly learned how judgments, passivity, carelessness, or confidence in herself, left her open to the enemy’s oppression and entrapments.

From training Clara was sent to war.  Her first assignment was to cut a path for others.  She recognized that she was still being refined, even in the battle.  Nevertheless, her life was increasingly manifesting the life of Christ.  It was revealing the strength of His victory in and through her, which others could see and follow.

In The Vast Horizon, Clara entered into the high places where principalities, powers, and spiritual hosts of wickedness conspire against God and His purposes for mankind.  Clara and company came into an understanding of the plans of the enemy.  They learned to war against them spirit to spirit.  They would take this understanding and apply it in overcoming the schemes of the enemy for themselves and others.

In each phase of this journey, they learned more about Christ, the adversary, and themselves.  They have learned to navigate through uncertainty and judge spiritual correctness or error.  They learned to use a spiritual gauge.  Did the activity/event lead them into an increase of the life of Christ or a decrease of that life. 

They continued to grow in the revelation of the all-encompassing work of the death, resurrection, and ascension of their Lord.  They have increased in their ability to exercise faith in His promises and see God’s provisions in Christ.  They learned to stand on the Word of God.  They learned to stand on the resurrection side of the cross! 

Their discernment has become keen and their swords sharp!


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This is part 31 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

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