Rise up church



The enemy does not fear the church on earth.
He fears the magnificent church in the heavenlies.
Let us cause him to tremble!


What is the Church?  It is Christ! 


God redeems man and lives His life through them.  It is Christ revealed in man.  Corporately, this is the church. 

God requires that the church to come into maturity – so it is Christ manifest, not the soul or flesh of man.  He is looking for mature sons.

The body of Christ is composed of individual members.  The members are living stones.  Unlike bricks, which are easy to assemble, living stones require precise fitting. 


Type and shadow


God’s eternal purpose is the manifestation of Christ in the heavenly realm.  God knows the end from the beginning.  He starts with full knowledge and brings His plans into time. 

  • God takes Eve out of the side of Adam (man). If woman came out of man’s side, her return is possible also.  God places the woman (the church) back into the side of the second Adam (Christ) on the cross.
  • Israel slew lambs until one day a man comes and John declares, behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  Formerly the priests sprinkled blood over God’s covenant.  Now Jesus will sprinkle His blood over God’s covenant in the heavenlies.

Type and shadow allows us to see a heavenly reality.  It is a finished picture in heaven, shown by type and shadow, and then the heavenly reality comes to earth.


Grace is support for God’s eternal plan in time

Most of us hold the concept that grace is unmerited favor.  Several years ago, I heard a different definition of grace that fits perfectly into God’s eternal plan.  Let us consider this view of grace.

In Ephesians 3 Paul speaks of the grace given to me for you Gentiles.  Grace as unmerited favor makes no sense in this case.  If you see it as the support needed because it was time for the manifestation of God’s plan for the Gentiles, it makes sense. 

Peter initiated the work, but Paul was the chosen vessel to fulfill it.


The manifestation of Christ in the heavenlies requires mature sons.  God supports the completion of His eternal plan by giving grace.  He prepares each one individually to carry that grace.

God prepared Paul.  He made him a Roman citizen by having him born in a Roman province.  He studied under the great teachers.  He prepared Paul though his life so that when God’s time came to release the grace, the vessel was prepared.

So too in our individual lives God has planned for us to come to maturity.  He orchestrates our lives to prepare us for His service.  It is a heavenly spiritual calling.  It is a calling that will show forth Christ.

Recognize that God has orchestrated your life to fit you to His purposes.  No matter what part we play, it is important that we not lose sight of the spiritual means (grace) and the important end of our calling. He fits the living stones together for the ultimate purpose of manifesting Christ.


There are two ways to live on this earth.  We can live in God’s purposes and grace.  Alternatively, we can choose to live by our own economy.  This is to live in the earth devoid from God’s eternal purpose.  May we be those who live in God’s purposes and grace.


It is time to cause the enemy to tremble. It is time to —


Rise up Church!


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