Where the rubber meets the road

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 You are on a journey


What I believe statements abound, as well as debates and theological discussions. You can say all you want about the many varying thoughts and proclaimed truths. Nevertheless, life happens to us all. Life is the place where the rubber meets the road.

What happens when these boxed and bowed philosophies seemingly fail?

All is not as it appears. We have all experienced it. Something that seems set in stone suddenly changes. It may be the future we envisioned, a doctor’s diagnosis, a relationship, or . . .

What you believed comes into question! You cry out asking what is wrong. Is not this the way they said it would work. If you did ‘this’ then ‘that’ would happen. Was it a lie?  Now just hold on for a second or two, or three.

God’s promises are yes in Christ.[i] He is ever true. Our perception of how that will come about is what is askew.

We must come to the place of surrender and total faith in the one who orchestrates our life. Consider the Psalm that tells us that God formed us in the womb and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.[ii]

How comforting this is, how assuring. Nevertheless, there are difficulties in life that seem so opposed to those words. We often feel anything but wonderful about our makeup.


God has you on a journey. It is a journey into the unseen, to the place where your new, real life exists. You have to learn anew. You are accustomed to cause and effect. Although this is true to some extent in His realm, there will be an adjustment period.

There is the natural and there is the spiritual. Faith is going to determine how we live.

If we live in the natural, we will subject ourselves to confusion and paralysis. We will be unable to see or understand. We will not be able to comprehend what is meant by what is happening to us. Without a positive faith we are left helpless and hopeless.

There is only one way through and out of this confusion and hopelessness. It is by and through an intentional faith. We have to have an attitude that we are going on with God, no matter what.

No matter if we understand or not. No matter if we sense His presence or feel His reassurance. We will go on no matter what. We have to determine to go on based on what He has done in us, what He has made real to us.

The natural man finds assurance and a measure of control through cause and effect. The spiritual man accepts that it is a walk of faith. Faith in what God has done in him, what God Himself has proven deep within his being.

When the storms of life rage, you must drop your anchor squarely on faith. God is faithful and His Word is true. It is not weighed and measured by what we see or feel.

In this life, and in the heavenly battle that surrounds it, we must stand our ground.


I have warred with doubt and unbelief at different stages of my spiritual life. I was born again and baptized in the Spirit seven weeks later. The day after that glorious event the enemy came at me with doubt. At the time I did not even know there was a devil!

My mind reeled and I doubted everything I ever believed. I had to say aloud that there were historical records proving that Jesus Christ existed. Now, 40 years later, I stand my ground after several rounds in that arena. I have heard it said that the higher we climb in God, the higher the level of demons who soar there. There is a special group of demons of doubt and unbelief that circle the high places. I believe I have met a few!

In this, and all the difficulties that life presents, I make my stand. I stand on the ground of what I know God has done in me, and for me. I know my God. I believe His Word. I cannot answer on natural ground. I cannot convince or justify through reasoning, to natural man or the enemy. The things of God are foolishness to the natural man, my natural man included!

The ground we stand on is what God has done in us. It is what we have experienced personally. With this being true, consider how critical it is to come into an experiential revelation of all that we have in and through Christ.

Determine in advance your stand of faith. Pursue God and allow Him to bring you into a deeper and deeper revelation of who He is in you!

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.[iii]


Photo by Jean Fan

[i] 2 Cor 1:20

[ii] Ps 139:13

[iii] Heb 10:23

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