SCREECH – intersection ahead

Are two worlds intersecting?

Do angels interact with us, unseen in this present age?  Do demons affect your life?  Does God’s power flow through His people?  Do you recognize that His power flows through you?

These and other spiritual phenomena do not require our validation.  Our witness of, or experience with such things, does not validated or invalidate them. 

We cannot base our belief in these things on our experience or lack of experience.  Neither can we base the reality of such things on the claims of others.

God’s Word is the basis of our belief.  Throughout the bible, we find examples of this kind of interaction.  We need to step out, reach out in faith on and for, all that God makes available. 

We are to test the spirits to see whether they are from God.i All too often, however, many end up simply throwing the baby out with the bath water.


Fear of the false sidelines many, leaving them shut down to interaction with the other world.  Others stumble at the messiness of mixture.  Although mixture is not good, hopefully we are all growing and it will clear itself up.  Canceling the true is not the solution for eliminating the carnal.  Doing this means throwing the manifestations of God out with the bath water!

Psychic phenomena originate in the soul.  It operates in the spiritual realm.  Psychic power accesses the spiritual realm illegally.  Because it is of man’s soul, it can be and often is, connected with and used by demons.

God also forbids occult activities.  Occult definition —

Of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.

Throughout the Old Testament God’s judgment was on those who practiced its dark arts.


Legal access to the spiritual realm is only through Jesus Christ and
subject to the Holy Spirit’s revelation. 


It is interesting to note that through God’s providence Moses trained in the occult learning centers in Egypt. When the time came, however, there was a standoff! 

With each manifestation of God’s power, the magicians replicated the occurrence.  That is, up to a point.  The showdown culminated when Aaron’s rod turned serpent swallowed the rod turned serpents of the sorcerers.ii

God’s ordained rod, meaning His plan, direction, and purpose will rise up and eat the enemy’s counterfeit rod.  It will devour the serpent’s plans, strategies, deceptions, and purposes against God.

Recognizing what God says about other world interactions will dispel much of the fear and confusion.  Everything rests on His Word.  What we experience and or witness, whether true or false, does not change the reality. 


Next time you hear a SCREECH pay attention.  There is quite possibly an intersection of two worlds ahead!

Photo by Salvatore Vuono –         

i Jn 4:1

ii Exodus 7:9-12

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