Secret Agent Man . . .


Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


Sometimes the return is just the beginning . . .

Clara gathers the morning mail and finds an envelope addressed to her.  It looks very official.  To her surprise it is a certificate of completion for an elective she attended on discipline.  There is a note of apology enclosed regarding the delay in the issuance of the certificate.  It seems there was an error in the attendance records.  They did not realize that she was present for all of the classroom training.

Clara pauses, classroom training?  That course had classroom training?  Indeed she was not present and accounted for in anything like that.  She was being trained in the field!  It is curious though.  She sees nothing of field training in the flyer that advertised the elective.  There is also no indication that the staff that forwarded her certificate is aware of it either.

Presently, life for Clara looks the same as before the elective, at least on the outside.  Family, friends, duties, and the ever-evolving events continue.

It is busy, busy, busy!  Everyone seems involved in their own world.

 Clara, however, is different

To others she may seem the same, except for a slight remoteness.  But then again they think, perhaps it is just their imagination.  After all, they have been busy. 

“Incoming, incoming, be attentive, prepare for war” comes the warning.
No one in the room hears it, no one except Clara that is.  She discretely slips off at an opportune moment and contacts one of the team. They have heard the alert and taken appropriate action.  Clara will join in later.

“Secret agent man, secret agent man” … that old song plays in the background of her mind and Clara chuckles.  Little do they know of the secret agents fighting a battle in the unseen realm.

 Nor do they know that they are not all men!  That makes Clara smile. 


Secret agents for sure!


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This is part 35 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel


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