The soul cycle

Eye opener by Jean Fan


In the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened,

and you will be like God[i]

“If you spend your quiet hour in your soul, it will be the most perilous hour of your life!” [ii]

Satan made man suitable to his government in the Garden of Eden. He did not use force to subject man. He broke into man’s being where man linked to God. He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.[iii]

Man communed with God by means of his spirit. Man’s soul and body were under the government of his spirit. The enemy reasoned with man through the desires of his soul and captured the will by deception.

Man violated the organ of his union with God, his spirit. Failing to react out of his spirit, the place of his fellowship with and knowledge of God, he dropped down on to his own soul.

The enemy now governs the whole race through man’s soul-life. He accesses man through his psychical nature.


Physic power


Mediums operate through psychic power. They open all the avenues of their being to supernatural guidance and come under the power, sway, and dominion of deceiving spirits.

Passivity is the key in opening your psychic being. Techniques abound on how to shut down all conscious activity. It is an invitation for a spiritual takeover.

God never asks us to become spiritually passive. Waiting upon God is not being passive. God wants us active in spirit, even when waiting on Him in silence. David said I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.[iv]


Psychic or prophetic


Both may foretell, reveal, and wield power. The source is the difference. The source directs back to itself. The prophets and prophecy lift you toward Christ.

The psychic draws you to yourself. It is all about your potential, your gifts, and your fulfillment. The deception – you are god!

  • The word psychic derive from psyche.
    • Psyche (noun): souls; self; also mind.
    • Psychic: of or relating to the psyche; lying outside the sphere of the physical science.  In the thesaurus, the word ‘psychic’ reads – pertaining to thinking.  The synonyms are cerebral, intellective, intellectual, psychic. 

Psychic revelation comes through the soul of man. Remember, the government takeover of Satan came through the soul. Demons have access to the soul, especially when openly invited through passivity.

There are true manifestations of the power of God. There are also many lying signs and wonders, increasingly so at the end of the age. The only way to know the difference is through discernment.

Spiritual is that which is from the spirit realm.  Spiritual is not that which is not natural. Spiritual revelation comes by the Holy Spirit to and through your spirit.

Your spirit, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, is equipped. It contains the faculties needed to navigate the spiritual realm.

The self-help, self-fulfillment, of new age gurus is superficial. Experience God’s power and know the difference.  Are you hungry for true spirituality?  God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.[v]

*Consider – Spirit to spirit connection


Photo by Jean Fan

[i] Gen 3:5

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