Spirit Power


You are a spirit

You have a soul

You live in a body

Walk in the spirit — therein lies the power!

 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.i


Our new life in Christ is by the Spirit.  The passage above makes a simple statement.  As a natural consequence of our life from the Spirit, we will be able to walk in the Spirit.

If God commands us to walk in the Spirit, He will also empower us to walk that walk.


God is Spirit and all communication, revelation, empowerment, power and authority comes through our spirit.  Given our spirit’s potential, we need to keep it in the primary position.

With the fall, man’s spirit lost its primary place.  Man’s soul ascended into power.  Like all dictators, it is not easily overthrown.  It is quite comfortable.  Thus, a battle will ensue for your spirit to regain the ascendency.


The soul is the seat of man’s personality.  It is the ‘I’ at the center of everything.  The soul’s components are mind, will, and emotions.  The will determines everything.  The will determines whether it will follow the Lord, or follow its own desires.


Operation take over


In order to assault the palace of the dictator you need a battle plan. 

First, recognize that the ‘I’  that sits on the throne is no longer you. 

You are a new creation, all that is old has passed away.ii

The new you desires to follow the Lord and receives everything it needs from Him. 


Next, recognize that you have a spirit.  Your faith in Jesus Christ changed everything.  Your spirit is capable of hearing His voice, leading your soul and governing your body.


Now, assert your will.  When your soul (your mind and emotions) try to overrule you and the Word of God, say NO.  Declare your intentions to follow the dictates of God’s Spirit.  Command your soul to come in line with your spirit and your emotions will follow.

Your will, set in alignment with the will of God, governs your whole being.  As you hold the ground of your declaration, be assured that your entire being will be brought into alignment …  spirit, then soul, then body. 


Soldier, you are in training.  Training is hard work.  The more you exercise your will and allow your spirit to come forth, the more you will experience victory, and the more you will experience —

 Spirit Power



[i] Gal 5:25

[ii] 2 Cor 5:17


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