Spiritual traffic jams


The atmosphere is buzzing with a multitude
of voices and thoughts. 


Pressures are increasing physically, mentally, and spiritually.  What are you hearing?  What affect is the atmosphere having on you?

Hearing the voice of God is a precious gift.  A believer’s ability to hear God is a widely accepted fact, stated clearly in the Word of God.i

When we say we hear God, most understand that we hear not with our physical ears, but through our spirit.  God is spirit and He created us in His likeness.  We have spiritual capacity that takes us beyond the realm of our five senses.

Does it not follow logically that this same ability enables us to hear other voices in the spiritual realm?  Jesus perceived the thoughts and intents of others around Him.  This was not audible communication, but thoughts and intents hidden in the heart.ii

Possibly, at one time or another, you imagined that knowing the thoughts of others would be a neat ability.  That is a fantasy of course, right? 

Perhaps we need to reconsider our paradigm!  Jesus was fully man.  He came to earth, having set aside His deity, to walk as the perfect man.  He was tempted as we are and He grew in stature with God, as we must do.  He perceived (heard, saw, recognized) spirit beings and the intentions of men.  Can we discount this ability within ourselves?

Yes, we can, to our own hurt, and many do that very thing.  In the pride of our humanity, we can cancel the truth of the functions of our spirit.  We can cancel these truths, but they affect us nonetheless.

A natural traffic jam is a gridlock of cars congesting passageways.


Spiritual traffic jams can cause similar problems.  You may find yourself at a standstill, your thinking affected in multiple ways, hindering a free flowing walk in the Spirit.

If you fail to recognize the possibility of perceiving the thoughts and moods of others, you will inevitably personalize them.  Have you ever found yourself depressed, tired, fearful etc. for no reason at all?

Additionally, if you fail to allow for the possibility of spirits in or around individuals, groups of people, and geographic locations, you may find yourself subjected to those very spirits. 

Opening our minds to such spiritual happenings allows room for revelation.


The Holy Spirit can and will lead and teach us.  There are a few important outcomes. 

First, we will walk in more clarity.  We will be alert to the need to separate our own thoughts and intents from those of others. 

Next, we will have discernment.   Discernment is necessary for effective prayer.  It also often brings with it the wisdom needed for counsel. 

Additionally, it affords the opportunity to perceive possible demonic activity.  This allows us to take authority over their nefarious deeds, thus hindering or stopping their malicious plans.

 Learn to recognize spiritual traffic in and around you.  Through awareness and prayer, keep the way open for forward motion. 

Don’t let spiritual traffic jams hamper you!

Photo by Damian Brandon – freedigitalphoto.net

i John 10:27
ii Luke 9:47; Mark 2:8

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