Stand up and fight



Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


Men ablaze are invincible.  Hell trembles when men kindle.  The strongholds of Satan are invincible against everything but fire.i

Attention it is time for action!

“Soldier … your assignment is to scout out the path ahead of us.  Look out especially for any snipers.”

“Next in line … your assignment is to look for land traps, find them, and expose them.  Beware of booby traps and land mines.”

“Next … take up the rear.  Watch, listen, and sound an alarm if something is creeping up behind us.  Make sure no one is fallen, trapped, or lagging behind.”

“We may be a small corps, but let it be known that although small, we are mighty in Him!”

Clara is back in shape now and awaits her orders.  To her surprise she is part of the team cutting the path, the job she was sure she had failed.  She is thankful He not only restores her soul, but can restore her work as well.


Screech, screech, screech goes the alarm!

“Activate the perimeter plow, man your stations, incoming is an understatement!  We are under assault, baton down the hatches and brace yourself.  After the first wave, stand up and fight!”

Artillery fire, explosions, caustic gas, and terrifying sounds fill the air.  Clara’s choice is to stand up and fight or lie down and die.  Some choice.Is this what war really means?  Is there no neutral ground? 

The stark realization hits her all at once … there never was any neutral ground.  She had merely been captive in a place where she only saw peace and security, while others fought on her behalf.  Now it was her turn to stand in the gap.

Standing shoulder to shoulder looked different than she had thought.  It was really being of one mind and heart, with your sights set on the Victor. 

Each soldier wielded the weapons assigned and they moved as one, which caused a shudder to come over the invading troops.  The enemy hesitated, and in that moment everyone charged ahead.  It was hard to realize what was happening until the dust settled.

Everyone accounted for, no casualties, and minimal damage was the report.  Now it is time to regroup, reflect, strategize, and prepare for the next offensive.  To God be the glory!



It is time to stand up and fight!  Gone forever are the peaceful days in which Clara basked.  Gone is the thought that love would solve all problems.  God indeed is love, but Clara has come to realize that the Lord is the Lord of war as well.ii 

She now understands the scriptures in a new light.  She sees the types and shadows of the fight for the Promised Land.  The people needed to possess the land lest wild animals inhabit it.  Even the fight with Goliath, these are all now understood as a war with the usurper. 

Clara can see how God used a small company to represent the many in Gideon’s army.  To possess the land of promise, the people of God would have to engage the enemy. 

She can see how the path is being opened for others as she comes into a living revelation of her victory in Christ.  Formerly she believed the facts about Christ, now she is walking in the experiential, the power of His work being manifested in her life.

She has first-hand experience of the power of Christ’s authority.  Power to expose, block, hinder, and destroy the works of darkness.  Her testimony of victory and freedom is evidenced in her life. 

Clara and those who labor with her are coming into an increasing revelation and experience of Christ as their life.  As He is being lifted up in them, they see Him drawing others to Himself.

Clara’s journey through The Great Room with its disciplines brought her to the entrance of The Stone Archway  Now she has taken proper control over her life.  The many thing that sought to move her, including her own soulishness, have been brought under the Holy Spirit’s Lordship.  She is now free to lay her life down as a living sacrifice and her acceptable worship.iii

The training zone and the war zone of the Stone Archway have achieved their purpose.  She feels she can now settle into the rhythm of her life in Christ. 

Clara is yet to understand that God’s purposes in Christ encompass so much more.  This will affect her personally, as well as the size and magnitude of the war she will fight with satanic forces.


Next – Move over GI Jane, here we come! 


This is part 28 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Photo by

[i] Samuel Chadwick, Biography

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