Stepping into the unseen


 The road you are on is about to end. 

You will be stepping into the unseen!



Ahead there appears to be nothing to guide you.  Must you step into this place?  How will you know where to walk?  Can you trust?
Will you go on, or will you be satisfied to stay in the place where you are?


Some 25 or so years ago, I too faced this decision. In a vision, I saw myself standing in the heavens at the end of a fenced road.  The path ahead had neither fence to hold on to nor road to follow.

I understood what the vision represented.  My perceived roads and fences, man’s direction and guidelines, could take me no farther.  I would have to rely totally on the Holy Spirit’s direction.  A choice must be made, step out, or come to a standstill.

God wants to wean us from dependence on what we can see and touch.  We desire the security that this brings.  How can we be safe without these earthly things?  True safety only finds its place in total reliance on the Holy Spirit. 


I believe all who are earnestly pressing in for more of God must make the decision to step into the heavenly way.  God brings us to a place similar to that of the crossing of the Jordan River. Each must choose to cross over or continue to wander in his own wilderness.


T. Austin Sparks addresses the heavenly way like this:


There is no doubt about it that the majority of the Lord’s children know little, very little, about the heavenly way.  Organized Christianity has become very largely an earthly thing, with earthly standards and conceptions and resources: therefore it has become spiritually very limited.  In comparison with the heavens, this world is a very, very small thing.  I mean that spiritually as well as illustratively.  The kingdom of the heavens is a vast thing, far greater than any conception of man.  God’s thoughts are as the heavens are high above the earth in range, outbounding all earthly conceptions, and not until we get well away from this earth do we realize on the one hand how miserably small we are and on the other hand in what a very much greater realm it is possible to move than that in which we do move – I mean spiritually.  The great, great need of this time is that the people of God, the Church of God, should come into its true heavenly position, with its heavenly vision and vocation.i


Is it your time to move from the spiritually limited earthly way into the heavenly way?  If so, you must be willing to step into the unseen.  It is time to press into the deeper things of the Spirit.

 Are you serious . . . then pioneer




Photo by NASA

[i] Pioneers of the Heavenly Way p 22 (emphasis mine)


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