Take hold of heaven




Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven


Believers must take hold of heaven’s will and bring it into the earth.  We hold the authority and must enforce the victory.

We must take hold of heaven in prayer and refuse to relent.  God’s promises are not just precious, like the little precious moments statues.  His promises are powerful, full of the necessary power to bring His will to earth.

Prayer is interaction with God.  Prayer is an affront to the enemy’s will. 
Prayer is a testing ground within us. 


How we approach prayer, our willingness to study God’s Word, and our perseverance, all show us something of where we stand.  Will we take the steps necessary to bring God’s kingdom will into life situations?i

Unbelief causes us to release a hold on prayer.  Sometimes that unbelief hides in accepted garb that contradicts both God’s nature and His will.


I was recently rereading a sermon by John G. Lake.  He stated that when Jesus was teaching the people to pray Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, this is what He meant:

Let the might of God be known.  Let the power of God descend.  Let God avert the calamity that is coming.  Let it turn aside through faith in God.  “Thy will be done on earth (here) as it is in heaven.”


He goes on to take his listeners on an imaginary visit to heaven.  Let us consider this same visit with him.

 How is the will of God done in heaven?  For a little time I want to direct your thoughts with mine heavenward.  We step over there and we look all about the city.  We note its beauty and grandeur.  We see the Lamb of God.  We do not observe a single drunken man on the golden streets; not a single man on crutches; not a woman smelling of sin …

 Now, when we got to the beautiful City, we did not find any of these conditions and so we said, “Angel, what is the reason you do not have any sin up here?”

 “Why the reason we do not have any sin here is because THE WILL OF GOD IS BEING DONE.”

 I have been used to looking for the sick, and if I see a man with a lame leg or a woman with a blind eye, I will see that a way down the street.  I have mingled with the sick all my life.  So I look around up there, and I do not see anybody on crutches or anybody that is lame, no cancers or consumption, or any sickness at all.  So I say to my guide, “Angel, tell me what the reason is that you do not have any sickness up here.”

 The Angel replies, “THE WILL OF GOD IS BEING DONE HERE.  No sin where the will of God is being done.  No sickness where the will of God is being done. 

 Then I return to earth, and I can pray that prayer with a new understanding.  “Thy will be done in me on earth as thy will is done in heaven.”  Just as the will of God is done there, so let the will of God be done here.  Let the will of God be done in me.  “Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.”


The profound simplicity stuck me, the clarity of God’s will!  How easy it is to know His will when you think of what heaven is like. 

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, this was His instruction.  They were to pray for the will of God in the earth.  Now the question we must ask ourselves is will we pray in confident, unrelenting faith, will we —

Take hold of heaven?


  [i] John G. Lake His Life, His Sermons, His boldness of Faith, 1994, p174-175

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