The drawing of the Spirit

Every life has a story. 

Every story is part of a journey. 

Every journey has a destination.


Do you feel the drawing?  Do you sense a longing in your heart to touch the reality of the spirit realm more deeply?  Is there a yearning deep within?

Are you aware of your soul drawing back?  Can you feel the fear?  Do you feel your heels starting to dig in?  Do you hear the arguments?  Do you sense the no as it reverberates inside of you?

To which direction will you yield?  Will you allow your spirit to lead and overcome the hesitation and self-protection of  your soul?  Will you boldly dare to follow?

Many times over the years I have felt, sensed, and heard all these things.  Each time I knew I was experiencing the drawing of the Holy Spirit and the drawing back of my soul.

Combined with this was the fear of unfulfilled expectations.  Could I really walk, live, and have my being in the Spirit?  I longed for the deeper  and deeper experience of that.



Step by step, decision by decision, He brought me to where I now walk.  Step by step, decision by decision, He will  continue to bring me to wherever He desires me to go.

With each step, you must count the cost.  With each step you will transcend this world,dwelling deeper in the Kingdom of God.   

As you mature spiritually, the spirits of darkness will launch assaults against you.  You will engage in spiritual warfare.

From this place you can satisfy God’s heart.  By wielding the authority of His Son, you can hasten the end of this age.  You will be helping to usher in of the Kingdom of The Lord and of His Christ.


Do you see them?  Do you see a glimmer at the outer edges of your vision?  Do you notice their presence?  Do you see the forces of light and the forces of darkness?

Do you question what you saw, or just wrinkle your brow and go on your way? 

We need to train ourselves to perceive, ponder, pray, wait, listen, and ponder again, until revelation comes.  Sometimes we need, really need, to put things on a shelf, stored for future use as we wait for more revelation.

Did you see them? . . . They see you!

Do you know them? . . . They know you!

Do you trust God’s angelic hosts?

Do you fear the demonic?

Do the demons fear you?

I have often stated that I want demons to say – Jesus I know, Paul I know, and you are trouble!  Will you too become trouble for the enemy? 

I pray you will!

This is part 24, the final part in the series – Every life has a story!

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