The end … or the true beginning – part 2


Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


The corporate manifestation of Christ

God’s first concern is that Christ be formed in us, as our very life, so that we are together an ever increasing measure and expression of Him.  It is through the Church that God will manifest His wisdom to the principalities and powers.I
God’s life is manifested in an individual and then God brings those individuals into fellowship with our own company of God’s children.  Indeed here iron sharpens iron as we are brought into the fires of life together.  The end purpose is to produce in us the brokenness of the Lamb, who is meek and lowly in heart.
Corporately, we are to manifest Christ’s life and function together as He has placed us in the body, so that there is an effectual showing forth of Christ.


Aligning to God‘s eternal purpose

How can we decide, indeed align, to the most important thing on God’s heart?  Below are some questions to be prayerfully considered:
If I am going to spend a significant amount of time in this endeavor, will it cause an increase or a decrease of the life of Christ in me?
Will the corporate expression of this activity/work increase the measure and expression of His life?
To clarify your ability to judge this you need to ask questions like:
Will this endeavor require total reliance on God to accomplish or can it be done out of my own ability, coordination, knowledge, and/or strength?  What requires God’s ability to accomplish will increase His life in you and/or the group.
Who will be glorified?  Who will be enlarged in this?  Will it be a person?  An experience, or will Christ be lifted up and glorified?
What is the source of this activity or action?  Did it come from your own or another person’s idea, your or their soul?  Or did it come from God’s leading through your/their spirit?
Although these seem like simple questions, take them prayerfully to the Lord for His response.  Remember, the enemy plots and plans constantly to prevent the manifestation of Christ in the earth.


T. Austin Sparks speaks very strongly of the warfare believers will encounter as they contend for ‘The Faith’:

“So the ‘prince of the power of the air’ was determined to stop Israel from taking and occupying the land that God had promised them.  And he is even more determined to stop the Church from living in the good of what they have in the Christ.  This is why the Holy Spirit emphasizes the borders of Canaan.  Through the Word of God, which is the Sword of the Spirit, He is warning those who are contending for ‘The Faith,’ those who are contending for the full inheritance of God’s people!

 He is warning that they are in conflict with ‘the prince of the power of the air!’  The Holy Spirit is warning that, when we are earnestly contending for ‘The Faith,’ we are battling all the satanic forces!  All the satanic purposes!  All the satanic systems!  All the satanic methods!  We are battling all that is in the realm that Satan controls!” ii


Let us be among those who contend for ‘The Faith’. 

That is, those who will settle for nothing short of the full inheritance of God’s people.  May we progressively and experientially live in the reality of all that Christ is and all He has accomplished.  To do that is to take and occupy the land of our inheritance!


This is part 37 the final part in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

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[i] Eph 3:9-11

[ii] T. Austin Sparks, The Warfare in the Spirit, taken from “The Pre-Eminence magazine, Volume 29, February 1995, book printing `995 by Emmanuel church, pp. 34-35 (emphasis added)


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