The spirit of dominion


It is finished.  He has risen!


We declare it; we sing about it, we celebrate it at least once a year. Now back to life as usual. 

Stop right here.  Houston, we have a problem. There has been no liftoff!  We need to check the settings to locate the problem.

Lift-off check list:
  •  Officially dead, crucified with Christ. 
  •  New life successfully imparted, now a totally new creation.
  •  Justified, completely forgiven, and made righteous.
  •  Rescued from the domain of Satan’s rule and transferred to the Kingdom of Christ.
  •  Calling complete, a holy partaker of a heavenly calling.
  •  New position secured, seated with Christ in the heavenly realm.
  •  All authority restored, given to Christ and delegated to His church.i

Everything is in order.  All who signed up for the mission with a full surrender to Jesus Christ received the necessary impartation for lift-off.  What could the problem be?


There are a number of possible problems.  The most likely one is a lack of realization that there are two sides of the cross.  We come to the cross as sinners in need of redemption, side one.  God places us on the cross in Christ; in Him we are buried, resurrected, and raised up to heavenly places in Christ, side two.  Translation from this world is complete.

Many teachings keep us at the foot of the cross and keep us from living in dominion.  How can we live a life fully empowered?  How can we overcome obstacles and temptations in this world?  How can we wield authority over the ruler of this present dark age if we lack a spirit of dominion? 

 Begin a new study of the scriptures looking at what God has given you in, with, and through Christ.  We are to study to show ourselves approved.ii 

I also recommend reading the book John G. Lake – His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith.  He was a man with a work and message infused with dominion.  It will affect your spirit as well.

It is time to embrace and not just celebrate Easter.


It is time for your spirit to be infused with

the spirit of dominion!


[i] Gal 2:20; 2 Cor 5:17; Rom 5:1; Col 1:13; Heb 3:1; Eph 2:6; Matt 28:18-19

[ii] 2 Tim 2:25

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