Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel



Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact – Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm



Can we see spiritual reality at all except we believe what God has told us?

Can we surrender our lives without letting go of control?

Can we understand redemption without seeing the destruction of the fall?

Can we see clearly without starting and ending with the eternal?

Can we see God’s eternal plan without backing out of time?


The Frame

Time is framed in eternity, or you might say that time exists in the midst of the eternal.  If you separate time from its frame, you have only a life.

That life is then left vulnerable.  Its resources are limited greatly and dependent largely on human strength.  A believer has the hope of eternal life, but he often sees that as something yet to come, not something available now.

When separated from the frame of the eternal, that life is also left vulnerable to the enemy.  One may have knowledge of the enemy’s existence, but not recognize the effects of his operation in his daily life.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of life in the natural realm can easily swallow up that life. 


What is the framework of God’s eternal view?  God’s eternal purpose is that Christ be formed in us, as our very life, so that we are together an ever increasing measure and expression of Him. 

First, Christ is formed in us; Christ lives His life through us.  Second, we corporately (the church) manifest that life to principalities and powers.i

How will the church manifest Christ?  The mystery hidden for the ages and generations but now made manifest to His saints is Christ in you!ii

With this settled it begs the question, why does this wisdom of God need to be revealed to principalities and powers? 

What has the earth to do with God’s eternal plan?

What part do you and I play in God’s eternal purpose?  How do we fit in?


Unraveling the threads

There is a mystery, the mystery of all mysteries.  It unfolds in time.  Although started in eternity, our first glimpse into God’s purpose begins in Genesis. 

God created man for a purpose.  Many identify this purpose with fellowship.  Although this is an aspect of our relationship with God, His plan and purpose in creating man is far greater. 

Scripture gives us glimpses into what occurred.  Created beings rebelled against heaven’s rule.  The leader of the rebellion  was Satan.


God created man and instructed him to
replenish the earth and subdue it.iii 
What happened to the earth that it needed to be subdued?


God instructed Adam and Eve to have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. 

Satan, that old serpent, made an appearance in the Garden.iv He attempted to preempt the plans of God.  Because of this, he is cursed to creep on his belly, thus he becomes a creeping thing, which man is to have dominion over.  He is also to eat the dust of the earth.  Need I mention that man is but dust?

Let’s fast forward to the completion of Christ’s work on earth.  Through His substitutionary work on the cross, redemption from man’s captivity to sin and Satan, is made available. 

As great as this is, God’s eternal plan shines forth far and beyond.  He intends to manifest His wisdom in eternity to the principalities and powers that have rebelled against their creator.  For this, He needs a vessel.  That vessel is referred to as the church. 

Who and what is the church?  The church is made up of individual members.  It is the many you and I’s throughout eternity.  It is all those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ and been born of His Spirit.


There is a corporate purpose for the church.  That purpose is to manifest Christ
to principalities and powers in the heavenly realm. 



There is a spiritual warfare between the Church and the principalities going on in the heavenlies.  The church is fighting that battle in daily life.  The battle is fought within our own spirit.  It is a question of whether we individually are going to overcome.

In Christ we are seated in heavenly places, it is an accomplished fact.  Satan is not out to keep us down here, he is out to hurl us down from our heavenly position.  We are there in the heavenlies.  We must hold on to that position by faith. 

God’s purpose will prevail.  Nevertheless, what part do we play in such a cosmic event?

Individually we play an important part.  The corporate is made up of many individuals throughout time.  It is those, often referred to as the overcomers, who overcome by the word of their testimony and love not their lives even unto the death, which will affect Satan’s casting down.v

Who can even presume to take such a place?  It is most often the nobodies of this world.vi

It starts with heart intent.  We must be willing for the Lord to have all that He wants.  That the Lord can have in us and through us all that He wants, whatever it costs.  With that heart intent in place, discipline can build overcoming ability into the fabric of our being. 


How can you participate?  How can you contribute to this corporate event?  How do you prepare? How can you effectively train? 

Do you feel the drawing of the Spirit?  Do you recognize a hunger unsatisfied by anything this world has to offer?

Will you respond to this unseen beckoning?  Will you step out beyond what you can feel and touch?  Will you subject your soul to learn discipline?  Will you let go of control i
n order to see and work in the unseen? 

The ultimate question is, are you hungry for more of God!  If so, no matter how hard it may seem, it is possible. 

In fact, one possible path is just ahead. . .


This is part 1 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Photo by TheBrot3R
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