What skulks behind

 the_man_that_you_fear_by_theburningtree Every life has a story. 

Every story is part of a journey. 

Every journey has a destination.


The lobby was buzzing with activity.  People were visiting, children gathering, kiosks buzzing with business.  Off to the side, I spoke with a dear friend who was struggling.  We were in a church after all, what better place to counsel and pray. 

Yet I felt watched, spied on, threatened!  I stood there, the feeling bearing down on me with all the menace of a bully defending his turf.  Stop or else! 

I mentally filed the incident, wondering what it was that I was sensing.

On another occasion, in the same church, I spoke with a board member’s wife.  I could see she was very troubled.  She confided that she was under extreme duress.  Her emotional state was explosive.  It took her as far as road rage.  She left her car in the middle of the road to take on a young man in another vehicle.  She so frightened him that he fled!

The few things I said to her lifted the lid off the pressure cooker. Although I hardly knew her, she looked to me hopefully for understanding and help.  That is until the Pastor of the church found out.  Her husband, ordered to get her in hand or lose his position, relented.  She cowered under the pressure and closed down.


Was what I was feeling in that lobby real?  Yes.  Was it physical, no.  The demonic keepers of order and control were on assignment.  They scanned, intimidated, and reported.  The spying agencies of the government are nothing by comparison.

It was a cult-like word of faith church.  Emotions were to be controlled. You were to make your emotions line up with the Word being preached.  Presented in a positive light from the platform, this was the prescription for walking in faith.  

However, in the hidden recesses, behind the scene, the control was evident. 

If further confirmation were needed, several years later a majority of churches refused to come to a private luncheon with a very in demand personality.  The reason, they were boycotting due to the control of the Pastor. 


What skulks behind 

It is the hidden works of darkness that skulk behind. They hide behind the actions of man.  They direct and influence in their shadow, manipulating outcomes.  Devastation lies in their wake, as they slither off into their own shadow lands.

God cursed Satan in the Garden.  He was to eat dust all of his days.i Think about that.  God created man from the dust of the ground.  Satan and his minions now feed on humankind! 

Over the years, my hatred of these malicious spirits grows.  Anger is futile.  What is called for is action.  Thus my motto, I don’t get mad, I get even! 

I determine to expose, oppose, expel, dispel, deliver, roust, and cast down.  In other words, I do anything and everything to hinder the course of the enemy seeking to feed on man. 

On this battle plane called earth, we have only two choices.
  Stand up and fight, or lie down and die.  God has given us authority and we need to exercise it. 

Start in your own sphere of influence.  That is, your area of authority.   Don’t allow the devil to mow down and eat like fodder that which God has assigned to you.


Has your journey brought you into the heat of the battle or perhaps to
its fringes?
 Have you seen into the shadow lands where darkness hides?  Have you questioned your discernment?

Be encouraged, this too is a part of the journey!


This is part 11 in the series – Every life has a story

Photo by burningtree

[i] Gen 3:14

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