Why so down cast oh my soul


by Gieshaboy500

Have you lost your heavenly seating?


Roller coasters need to remain as entertainment for amusement parks!  What roller coaster you say?  I am referring to the roller coaster of your emotional soul. 

OK, let’s back up!  You know what I mean, this is how movies start with a scene and then take you back in time.


Why so down cast oh my soul?


Have you ever noticed how fickle emotions can be?  They can change in a moment.  They can make you feel like you are on a rollercoaster ride.  Up one day, hour, or even minute, and down the next.  Not exactly stable, and certainly not what God intends.

Female and male emotions may be similar or different, but it is emotion just the same.  I once said to a man “you don’t have any emotions … his answer was that anger was an emotion!” 

Be watchful of your soul’s emotions.  Your soul reacts to outside stimuli, whether negative or positive.  Oh, how that is subject to change!

God is unchanging.  Anchoring your soul on His facts will enable you to plant your feet on solid ground when all else seems to be shaking. 

Know what God speaks and position your will in agreement, no matter what you see or feel. 


Take charge over your soul!


Declare your decision to stand on God’s unchanging Word and command your soul to come into alignment with your spirit.  In prayer ministry, I have prayed this (inaudibly) and watched a person’s soul respond. Certainly, we have authority over our own soul.

Your soul has been in charge for a long time and will not easily abdicate its rule.  Do not be surprised when battles ensue. 


Learn to be sensitive to your spirit!


Take a moment now to consider your spirit.  Learn to discern your spirit’s position.  Being aware of your spirit is the starting point.

Spiritual authority comes through your spirit not your soul.  In order for it to come forth, you need to exercise your spirit.  Your spirit, infused with the Spirit of God, will grow stronger with each exercise.

Spirit maintenance is crucial.  As your spirit takes the leading role, your soul (mind, will, and emotions) will come into alignment and function correctly. 

Ask yourself, is your spirit shining?  Is it in a central position?  On the other hand, is it withdrawn and hiding?  Has a fiery dart poisoned your spirit?  Have uncontrolled thoughts or emotions caused your spirit to sink?  We have much to learn about the care and maintenance of our spirit.


Nevertheless, for now, let us relegate roller coasters to amusement parks by deciding to move in and by the Spirit!

Why so downcast oh my soul. 

Not any more!



Photo by Gieshaboy

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